Our online platform solution is twofold – on the one hand, it offers the change agent a tool to design, manage and deliver a long-term project, designed for impact, and on the other hand, the app enables participants to bring the acquired knowledge and skills into action every week. For maximum effect of the program, the platform automatically sends out assignments before, between and after sessions, enables participants to evaluate and feedback every step of the way, so you can adjust your program in real time, and provides a final report which you can use to present the effectiveness of the program or to sell to future clients. During the program, you can get insights into how active participants are and follow up, engage in interactions and answer their questions. It takes only about an hour of your time every week – and brings lasting results for your clients. You can use our pre-designed programs or you can make e2grow your own and upgrade your own programs for a more sustainable impact.

Learn about yourself: my profile

Before every program, we take our participants through a Clifton Strengths assessment and import their results on the platform. In your profile, you can access their strengths reports and explore your themes in detail, and even personalize them, so that you share with others what you need and bring into the team and what might frustrate you. You can find ideas about how you can be more productive, who you can partner with, how you can create meaningful relationships with others and how you can motivate others using their strengths. You can also deepen your learning process through watching videos and reflecting on a series of self-coaching questions.

Weekly aim and reflection

Our app invites you every Monday to set your aim for the week. First, decide what your “main thing” is so you can focus your efforts on achieving what matters most. The tool guides you to select a visual cue, put it in words, and then consciously choose to use your talents in ways that support those efforts, selecting mature behaviors to use and raw behaviors to avoid. At the end of the week, your phone beeps again and reminds to you reflect upon your week. In this way, you measure what is working for us and what is not, so you can improve and grow. You rate your productivity and well-being, how successful you were in reaching your aim and what had a positive and negative influence on your week. The team can see each other's reflections and the team pulse, so they can help each other grow.

Learn about your coworkers

In growth culture, we want to be the best environment for our coworkers so they can be their best self. But how do we know what each of them needs? In their profile section in e2grow you will find a cheat-sheet that will reveal to you what motivates them, what frustrates them, how you can work with them best and what they might need from you to do their best work.

My toolbox

Have all the e2grow tools ready to use in your phone. In workshops, you learn all these tools, maybe you even practice them in the session, but after that the session notes get lost, and you forget about them. Not with e2grow – all the tools are conveniently stored in your phone, and you can access them any time you need.

Develop and grow

The program comes with nudges and reminders between sessions, which help you make the knowledge stick and implement the new habits. The growth journey doesn’t end when the live sessions do – you will continue to get nudges throughout the year, carefully spaced as to beat the forgetting curve.

Goal setting and evaluation

At the beginning of every program, the team leader decides upon desired outcomes of the program. Each participant chooses their own personal goals in the app, and at the end of the program they evaluate it against these goals. Throughout the programs, all sessions and in-between tasks are evaluated on a simple scale, and feedback on what was most useful is collected from participants. At the end of the program, we generate a report which presents the outcomes and impact of the program.

Project and batch management

In e2grow desktop app, you can manage your projects, interact with your participants, set up programs and batches and check your participant’s profiles. You can manage your coachees, set up coaching sessions, see how they are doing on their online assignments and answer their questions. When the program is running, you can also nudge participants to keep up with their assignments, acknowledge their efforts and offer your support in implementing the learning.

Custom program building

If you already have your own programs, you can easily increase their impact by integrating them into e2grow. You might also create custom projects for your clients. You can either build programs from scratch or copy and adjust existing or previously used programs. Some of our coaches have even built programs so valuable that we decided to partner with them and make their program part of our offer for other coaches.