Inspired by latest neuroscientific research, our business expertise, and experiences of our established international coaches, we developed a methodology that works for hundreds of teams all over the world to bring a higher psychological safety, boost engagement, improve collaboration and foster personal growth. We don’t do one-off workshops – we are interested in long-term impact. We develop weekly productivity routines, healthy communication habits and quarterly check-point rituals to ensure consistent growth long after the program is done.

Growth Culture

All of our programs are designed to foster growth culture and build psychological safety. We develop teams and individuals to see past their blind spots and move from hiding their flaws and mistakes into learning and growth. Teams learn how to have crucial conversations in a constructive way so they stop losing time and energy engaging in unproductive conflict and self-protective behavior; thus more time and energy can be invested into doing their job and reaching their company’s vision.

Results focus

We don’t only care about making people feel better – we care about what impact that brings to your business. Every program begins with setting desired outcomes and ends with measuring what had changed because of our intervention. We evaluate every task, every session and every program, and collect qualitative and quantitative data throughout the program to formulate a final evaluation report.


We offer different programs that complement each other. We always recommend starting with the High Performing Team program, which increases trust and psychological safety and builds foundations of a growth culture. After that, we can build upon that by developing leaders with the High Performing Leader program, deepen individual productivity and well-being through Talents to Strengths program, or provide a series of short workshops (Bitesize Boosts) on relevant topics. As a coach, you can also build a custom program for your clients or turn a program you’ve already developed into an e2grow program.

Habit building

We go past the “aha-effect” of a one-off workshop. The only way to introduce lasting behavior change is by transforming people’s habits. In our live workshops we plan for implementation and spaced repetition through the follow up tasks nudges people into bringing new skills into action weeks and even months after the session. Some habits, like Aim and Reflection, are embedded in the app itself.

Weekly loop and quarterly loop

Participants start their every week by aiming their strengths to achieve the most important thing of that week. The app takes them through a process of choosing an aim for the week, and then becoming aware of their talent typical behaviors that might help them or prevent them from reaching that aim. Every week ends with a reflection – what made their week great, what had negative impact, how productive they could be and how they felt. They also evaluate whether they reached the aim they set, which helps them stay focused on the most important thing.

On a team level, we invite a team into a larger-scale loop. Every quarter, a team has a Progress Huddle, a team reflection meeting, in which they choose a focus – something they want to work on as a team for the next three months. Each team member commits to contributing to that focus by changing one aspect of their behavior. At the next Progress Huddle, the team can check what worked well and what did not, thus learning to work together better and better.


PACT system that combines social and automatic support, covering all stages of the habit-building process. All support mechanisms are designed to provide clear cues, be easy to use, and be rewarding for both the sender and the receiver. This results in nudges being used frequently and effectively, increasing the likelihood of actual behavioral change

Peer support
Team members can see when other peers (depending on their privacy settings) are struggling or succeeding, so they can easily offer support or High5 their colleague.

Automated nudges
e2grow offers two types of automated nudges: timed and contextual. Timed nudges remind participants to complete open tasks, Weekly Reflections, Weekly Aims, and other activities that should be completed by a certain date or at regular intervals. Context-driven nudges are triggered based on the participant's current activity.

Coach support
e2grow enables seamless tracking of each participant's activities and provides suggestions and templates on how to best support participants to move forward in their personal and team development.

Team leader support
The team leader's role is to guide the team to their shared vision and create a safe space for the team. Team leaders see the progress of their team and individual members, and receive suggestions and templates. The e2grow app gives them the information they need about their team's well-being and productivity, what frustrates team members, and what they value, so they can address issues before they escalate and have important conversations at the right time.