Our growing international community lives in online meet-ups, deep-dive educational sessions on elements of our programs, supervision groups with a trained supervisor, peer case-clinics in which coaches help each other get new perspectives, in an online hub and in live get-togethers around the world. The best part is, e2grow coaches are not in competition with each other – everyone helps other members of community grow, they design projects with one another, and we all work together to bring sustainable change to as many organizations as possible. You don’t have to be a lone rider as an independent coach – join a strong community of practice and grow your business.

Online hub

Our coaching community has an online home – the e2grow hub. There, our coaches can connect, ask for advice, look for collaborators for their projects, discuss our programs, give suggestions and share feedback and share success stories. We also feed relevant content by posting articles, questions and insights we want to share with the community.

Monthly story-circles

Most of our coaches appreciate sharing and exchanging with other amazing people in the community. It really is a network of experts on different topics and a valuable resource. We give space for that exchange in monthly story-circles, where we suggest a topic to discuss and let them share their wisdom with each other and learn from each other. This sometimes sparks project ideas and collaboration opportunities – our coaches are a vibrant group of masters!

Webinars & deep dive sessions

When we say growth culture, we also nurture it on the inside. We provide our coaches with numerous opportunities to learn, diving deeper in specific parts of our program content. We also invite our coaches with specific expertise to share with the community.

Live local get-togethers

From time to time, we get tired of seeing only flat faces on the screen. We want to spend time in physical presence of each other, shake hands and exchange hugs, laugh, and sometimes cry together in ways you cannot do online. So we get together live, somewhere around the world.

Case clinics & intervision groups

What is more valuable than having a group of expert coaches helping you think about your problem? Our case clinic in our first live event since the pandemic was such a success that we decided to bring it online, too. Coaches gain new insights and fresh questions to ponder, and feel less alone in their struggles.


For our coaches to grow their capacity as coaches and facilitators, we offer an environment in which they can safely explore their challenges, successes and failures, learn from them and thus foster their mastery in the way they work with clients.


Our coaches are not in competition with one another. When a coach lands a project too big for one person, they can get together a team of coaches they know they can trust. With international companies this matters also because then teams situated in different countries can work with a local coach and in their mothertongue. Everybody wins.

Success cases

Our coaches share their success cases with one another, so that they can learn from each other or even use them as a reference in their sales process. Our programs have been proven successful in many teams all over the world – and we have stories to prove that.