My why

I would like to contribute to better human relations by making everyone in the world know and understand their strengths.

My top values
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Freedom
My superpower

A solution-oriented mindset, a sincere interest and relationships built on trust.

I help sales / corporate leaders create more aligned and high performing teams so that people in a team can:
Communicate efficiently
Deepen their relationships
Work done together much more effectively
Experience more happiness and energy while doing the work.

Brought impact to clients like:

Favorite quote

What is possible when we can have a little bit more compassion for people.

- Peter Crone

Fun facts

My favorite part of my work is …

… those “a-ha” moments when clients realize what makes them special and have taken it for granted until now.

I especially love to work with clients, who …

… are willing to work on themselves & are responsible, honest, open.

The proudest moment of my professional life:

A keynote speaker at the conference dedicated to education and entrepreneurs in 2022.

The question I always ask my clients:

What are their plans / challenges and clearly define where they are now and what success looks like at the end of the meeting / workshop / program?

I love being a part of the e2grow community because …

… on one hand, we have a great team of e2grow people who support us, bring the best that is on the market, on the other hand, I have the opportunity to be in contact with like-minded coaches who are courageous, creative, we inspire and help each other.

The perfect lunch:

long, in the sun, Italian cuisine and in the great company of my loved ones and/or friends.

Warm beverage of choice:

Coffee lover!

Hobbies and interests:

lifelong student of personal development, funky music.

Specialist subject:

CliftonStrengths, mindset, sales & business.

The world would be a better place if …

… we all heal our own wounds first and would be a little bit more compassionate to each other.

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Profession/educational background

University of Economics
16 years’ experience in the insurance industry

Years of experience as a coach

6 years


Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

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